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Suilven is a passionate and proven design team, capable of creating innovative automotive concepts and turning them into reality. Suilven are also capable of joining existing vehicle teams and realising detail tasks as part of a larger directed vision.

Suilven is made up of a leading and experienced core team, with an established track record for the design of production vehicles and other bespoke projects. Throughout its journey and to supplement its broad set of in-house skills, Suilven has built sound relationships with other companies of expertise and some of these are noted on the Partners page.

Since formation in 2005, Suilven has been a core contributor to many projects and a few are presented on the projects page. When requested, confidentiality is respected. Quality of product and service is paramount to the Suilven ethos of; design, engineering and partnership.

Suilven has a demonstrated reputation of adding both realism and excitement to a wide range of customer projects and is backed by a professional and experienced business management support team. Suilven has the necessary energy for your project; use the contact details to ask how Suilven can help your idea or project become reality.

Respect for the environment, both in product design and manufacture from cradle to grave, is pursued at all levels of project involvement and demonstrated by Suilven at all times.


Porsche Gmbh - Industry project.

Supacat Ltd - System Designer on the HMT vehicle.

WaveWinder Ltd - Design Project.

Oceanid Ltd - Complete novel vehicle design from concept to prototype manufacture.

Suilven RDE Ltd - Design of the flexible and modular HCC (Hybrid-Composite-Chassis) system, creation of a new vehicle niche and a new method of vehicle construction.

Suilven RDE Ltd - Complete novel vehicle design (Suilven Q) from concept to prototype manufacture.

Caterham Cars Ltd - Production Engineering, design, testing and development engineering on the Caterham 7 & 21.

TVR Engineering Ltd – Concept and project management, design and engineering on the following vehicles: Tuscan R road & Le Mans race cars, Cerbera, Chimera, Tuscan, Tamora, T350, Sagaris and Speed 12.

Viridian Automotive Ltd – Complete novel vehicle design from concept to full technical solution including the symbiotic company structure.


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